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Modernity Homes specializes in transforming property

into beautiful homes designed for today's modern families.


Our Vision:

Create great places to live

Our Mission:

Build things that will last and that people will enjoy

Our Values:

Operate with Integrity: Honesty: High Degree of Trust: Treat others with respect and fairness

Tim Volk, Developer

Teton Tack and Feed

Tim Volk, Managing Partner of Teton Tack and Feed, is a fourth generation member of a family with a rich history in real estate development in the Rocky Mountain area.


The name Teton Tack & Feed pays tribute to Tim's Wyoming heritage and underscores the company's philosophy. The rugged and dramatic Teton Range, home to Grand Teton National Park, are his favorite mountains, rising more than a mile and half above the valley floor to elevations over 13,000 feet. Their majesty provokes a sense of pride, reminding Tim always to strive for excellent in business relationships and exceptional beauty in all the houses he rebuilds.


An old Tack and Feed store represents more than a business able to supply whatever goods were needed to build and maintain a ranch or pioneer house. It also served as a central gathering place for all the people of the West: ranchers, homebuilders and settlers from all parts of the world, African–American "buffalo soldiers" who bravely served in the U.S. Army, the original natives who came to trade for useful goods, and Hispanics, both newcomers and those families arrived generations earlier. This sense of community and of hope built the real West. Those same ideals, of constructing communities and laying the foundation for a better future, guide our company today.

2015 Good Neighbor Awards

Chicago Association of Realtors

Jola Whipple, Builder

Bumblebee Development, LLC

Jola Whipple of Bumblebee Development LLC, is classically trained architect, began her Chicago-based construction firm in 1992. She has been recognized for her innovative approach and her willingness to go the extra mile for her clients. Her work reflects the top quality of her team’s craftsmanship by creating distinctive beauty with in each home. Together with her brother Tom Pettelski, she has transformed hundreds of houses, earning respect from their peers and customers encouraging everyone to remain refreshingly optimistic for the future. 

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